Invite customers to engage with your company by leaving feedback or viewing your community feedback.

Gain access to the My Hall Monitor Community to connect with customers around the world to share ideas, collect feedback, get reviews, and even provide support. Create community discussions, custom contact forms, and custom polls directly from a company’s own website and the community. With simple setup and effective results, My Hall Monitor will gives a company the muscle to turn customer opinions into company action.

Free Website Plugins & Tools

Collect Reviews & Feedback

Just copy and paste our single line of code into your website and you're ready to collect reviews and feedback from your customers without them ever leaving your website. It's that simple!

Poll Your Customers

Wouldn't it be great to know if the company's ideas will resonate with your customers? Of course it would! Use our Polling widget on your website and easily get the answers you need to lead your company in the right direction.

Customer Support Ticket System

Manage your customer support with our Support Ticket Widget for your website. Easily integrate this widget into your website and start managing your customer support from simple questions to the most complex product issue.

Custom Contact Forms

Easily create custom contact forms for your website to gather customer requests. This information will be stored in your account as well as being emailed to you so you can follow-up with your customers. Run reports based on the information you gather from your customers.

Have Community Discussions

Create a discussion topic like "What do you think of our new site design?" and with a few clicks of a button get the code to embed the discussion into a page on your website.

Live Site Notifications

Create a notification popup for your website. This notification will popup when a customer visits your website based on your settings.

Recommended Content

When a visitor is on your site they will see other content that your site has to offer them that is related to what they are viewing. Our plugin will scan your website regularly to gather the latest content to show your site visitors.

Comment Confidence

You can feel confident you're putting your best foot forward with our 72 hour dispute resolution. Negative Comments won't post to your account with out the opportunity to make it right to the customer.

Free Company Account

  • Real-time feedback to improve customer retention and referrals.
  • Independent reviews help win more new business.
  • Slick, simple and fun to use user interface.
  • Easily integrate into your existing website.
  • One place to monitor and manage all customer feedback.
  • Increase conversions with customer ratings and reviews.
  • No downloads. Online tool that you can access anywhere.
  • The easiest way to turn customer feedback into higher conversions.
  • Tablet and mobile ready widgets.