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Going back a year or so ago... I would always have this chronic ache in my shoulder & it would seem to make my neck stiff & achy as well. It was uncomfortable constantly. The only relief I could get is if my husband massaged the area - it would help relieve the tension. Anyways, my doctor mentioned taking Fish Oil softgels regularly. I'm not a pill popper I reluctantly bought some & desperately wanted this constant aching to just go away. I would have tried anything at that point.... Well no word of a lie... I have been cured! I can't believe it myself but I haven't stopped taking them since (I don't want the aching to come back). They truly are amazing. I started taking one tablet in the morning & one tablet in the evening but after about 6 months or more I cut back to just one every morning as a test to see if my aches came back - well I'm still cured but I still take them once a day every day. I highly recommend them to anyone (of course if your doctor says it's ok). I absolutely love them!

Review added by bb4452 on 5/25/2011

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